CPN Urban Transportation Congress Opening Ceremony

"Prospects of China Urban Transportation Development" Vice Minister of Ministry of Construction Mr. Baoxing Qiu (PDF)  (Video)

"Challenges Facing Transportation Planning: Lessons Learned from the United States" Prof. Michael D. Meyer, Chair, TRB Executive Committee, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology(PDF)  (Video)
"Climate Change and the Challenges for Urban Transport in the Developing World" Prof. Werner Rothengatter, President of the World Conference on Transport Research Society, Head of the Institute of Economic Policy Research, University of Karlsruhe(PDF)  (Video)
"U.S. State Perspective on Urban Transportation" Ms. Carol Molnau, Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation(PDF)  (Video)
Session 1: National and Metropolitan Urban Transport Policies
"Importance of the Movement of Freight in Transportation Planning" Michael D. Meyer, Chair, TRB Executive Committee, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (PDF)  (Video)
"Develop the integrated urban transportation system" Xiaobei Guo, Director, Institute for Comprehensive Transportation(ICT), National Development and Reform Commission(PDF)  (Video)
"Intermodal Balance: Role of Different Transit Modes and Transportation Policies" Vukan R. Vuchic, UPS Foundation Professor of Transportation Systems Engineering and Professor of City and Regional Planning, University of Pennsylvania(PDF)  (Video)
"Urban Transport in China: Strategies for Sustainability and Safety" V. Setty Pendakur, Consultant to the Prime Minister of China, Honorary Professor of Chinese Academy of Science, Chair of TRB Transportation in the Developing Countries Committee, Former Vice Mayor of Vancouver, Former Coordinator of ESCAP of UN(PDF)  (Video)
"China Urban Transportation and Automobile Industry" (tbc) Xingye Zhang, Honorary President, Society of Automotive Engineers of China(Video)
"Policies for sustainable transportation development" Huapu Lu, Professor and Director, Institute of Transportation Engineering, Tsinghua University(PDF)  (Video)
Session 2: Urban Transportation & Social Development
"China's Love Affair with the Automobile: Lessons from Los Angeles" Michael Woo, Los Angels City Planning Commissioner(PDF)  (Video)
"Urban Growth Management and Transportation Planning: Implications of Portland’s Experience to Cities in China " Zhong-Ren Peng, Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee(PDF)  (Video)
Xun Li, Secretary-General, Chinese Society For Urban Studies(PDF)  (Video)
"Smart Shrinking Strategy for a Rapidly Ageing Society -- Agenda for Japan and Asia" Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Dean, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University. Chair, Scientific Committee of WCTRS. Member, Science Council of Japan(PDF)  (Video)
Session 3: Mega Transportation Project: International Experiences and Cooperation
"Urban dynamics and transport infrastructure: synergy in Europe and China" Hugo Priemus, Professor and Dean Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands(PDF)
"Key Technologies of Urban Rail Transport System" Bin Ning, Vice President, Beijing Jiaotong University(PDF)
"Planning Mega Urban Transport Projects: Emerging lessons and challenges for China" Harry Dimitriou, Bartlett Professor of Planning Studies and Director of the OMEGA Centre for Mega Projects in Transport and Development, Bartlett School of Planning, University College London(PDF)
"Delivering Excellent Transport for the London 2012 Olympic Games & Paralympics Games" Wilben Short, Head of Transport, London 2012 Olympic Games(PDF)
“Integrated Development Patterns for Urban Railway Terminal” Kefei Yan, Executive Director, Shanghai Transport Engineering Association, Former Deputy Director, Engineering Institute, Tongji University
Session 4: Financing Urban Transportation and Public-Private Partnership in China
"Financing and Urban Pricing" Dr. Sung Jick Eum, Vice President of UITP, Chairman of UITP Asia-Pacific Division, President and CEO of SMRT, Former Assistant Mayor of Seoul(PDF)
"Urban Infrastructure Development Finance in China" De Wang, Professor and Advisor of Ph.D. Candidates, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University(PDF)
"Urban Road Pricing to Limit Externalities and Provide Funding for Public Transit" Werner Rothengatter, President of the World Conference on Transport Research, Head of the Institute of Economic Policy Research, University of Karlsruhe(PDF)
"Strategy of Financing Urban Transport Infra-structure Construction of Beijing" Peng Gao, General Manager Assistant, Manager of Financing and Construction Department, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd.(PDF)
Evan Guo, Principal at McKinsey & Company's Beijing Office(PDF)
Session 5: Green Transportation and Sustainable Development
"Adaptation to Climate Change and Urban Transportation planning" Maria Blair, Associate Vice President, The Rockefeller Foundation(PDF)  (Video)
"Develop Green Transportation Technology to Support Climate Protection" Jing Huang, Deputy Director, Management Centre of Agendum in the 21st Century(PDF)  (Video)
"Green Transportation in Europe: Vehicles, Energy and Environment" Marcel Rommerts, Principal Administrator, Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, the European Commission in Brussels(PDF)  (Video)
"Energy Efficient and New Energy Vehicle Development in China" Minggao Ouyang, Head & Prof., Dept. of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua Univ., Director, State Key Laboratory of Automotive Safety and Energy(Video)
"Green Transportation: Vehicles, Fuels, Emissions, People and Packages" Stephen R. Connors, Director of Analysis Group for Regional Energy Alternatives, MIT LFEE, Director of AGS Energy Flagship Program(PDF)  (Video)
"Resource Productivity and Sustainable Transportation―― Take Shanghai As an Example" Dajian Zhu, Director of Research Center of Sustainable Development and Governance,Head of Department of Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University(PDF)  (Video)
"Clean Development Mechanism and Transport: Potentials and Challenges" Dr. Jürg M. Grütter, Grütter consulting(PDF)  (Video)
"Incorporating Air Quality into Urban Transportation Planning in China: Opportunities and Constraints"Arnold Howitt, Executive Director, Taubman Center for State and Local Government, Harvard University(PDF)  (Video)
Session 6: Integrated Land Use Planning and Transportation Planning
"Integration of Land Use and Transportation: Development around Transit Systems" Peter Lai, Former President, ICTPA, Vice President, PB Hongkong(PDF)  (Video)
"Top 5 challenges to integrating land use and transportation in urban China" Randall Crane, Acting Director and Professor of Urban Planning, Institute of Transportation Studies, UCLA(PDF)  (Video)
"A Few Thoughts About Urban Spatial Pattern and Sustainable Transportation" Qizhi Mao, Professor and Vice Dean, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University(PDF)  (Video)
"Assessing Transportation Consequences of Land Use Transformation In Urban China"Ralph Gakenheimer, Professor of Urban Planning, MIT, Chair, International Scientific Committee of CODATU (Collaborative on Urban Transport Improvement in the Developing World)(PDF)  (Video)
"Regional Transportation and Energy Impacts of Land Recycling in Urban China" Karen R. Polenske, Professor of Regional Political Economy and Planning, MIT, Former President, International Input-Output Association(PDF)  (Video)
"The misapprehension on transportation in china urban planning" Bingzhao Chen, Professor of Urban Planning, Former Dean, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University(PDF)  (Video)
"Transit Oriented Development: Principles and Opportunities for Chinese Cities" Jeffrey Soule, Policy Director, Director of International Programs, American Planning Association(PDF)  (Video)
Jinyu Duan, Vice Chief Planner, Urban Planning and Design Institute, Tsinghua University(PDF)(Video)
Session 7: China Urban Public Transportation: A New Era
"Prospects for Public Transport in the USA" Nigel Wilson, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering, MIT, Director of the Long-term Programs between MIT and CTA, and Transport for London(PDF)
"China Urban Public Transport Week and No Car Day" Fengwu Wang, Deputy Director-General, Department of Urban Construction, Ministry of Construction(PDF)
"The State of U.S. Public Transportation: Sustainability for the 21st Century" Pamela L. Boswell , Vice President of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA)(PDF)
"Technological Change and the Impact of Public Transit on the Development of Chicago" Michael Shiffer, Vice President, Chicago Transit Authority and Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Policy, UIC(PDF)
"Development of Bus Rapid Transport System of Chinese Cities" Dongquan He, Director, China Sustainable Transportation Center(PDF)
"Serving the Transit Commuter " Jonathan Larsen, CEO, Citibank Singapore, Head of Retail Banking and Business Development, Asia Pacific, City Bank(PDF)
"MasterCard Contactless Payment for Transportation" Kelvin Lu, MasterCard(PDF)
"A Critical Look at Recent BRT Applications in Developing Countries – 2007" Sam Zimmerman, Urban Transport Advisor, World Bank(PDF)
"Concepts and Practices of Public Transport Priority" Yongshen Quan, Director, Beijing Transportation Research Center(PDF)
"Should We Develop Bus or Rail Mass Rapid Transit?" Ming Zhang, Assistant Prof, University of Texas at Austin(PDF)
Session 8: Urban Transportation Planning and Development Strategy--A Comparative Perspective
"Using Land Values to Fund Transport is Fair, Just and Efficient" Dave Wetzel, Vice-Chair of Board, Transport for London , Fellow, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport(PDF)
"Xiamen's transportation strategy" Weiji Deng, Chief Engineer, Xiamen City Planning Bureau(PDF)
"Improving Urban Mobility Management: Sustainable measures in selected cities" Antonio Musso, Head of Transportation Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Rome (PDF)
"The Power of Decimals – Impact and Implication of Alternative Traffic Assignment Methods on Project Evaluation" Andres Rabinowicz, Vice President, Caliper Corporation.Leading Architect of TransCAD(PDF)
"Advancing Urban Transportation With Software Modeling Technologies" Michael Clarke, President and CEO, Citilabs Corporate(PDF)
"Standards for Household Travel Surveys: Applicability to China" Peter Stopher, Professor of Transport Planning, University of Sydney, Founding Member and First Chair of the TRB's Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values(PDF)
Haixiao Pan, Professor, Tongji Univ., Director, Transportation Research Lab, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University(PDF)
"Land use and Transport Integration with Special Reference to Curitiba's Experience"Luis Henrique Cavalcanti Fragomeni, President of the Curitiba's Institute for Research and Urban Planning, Undersecretary, Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Environment, Brasilia(PDF)
"Metropolitan Transportation Demand Forecasting and Plan-Making: Trends in the United States Practice using Austin, Texas as an Example" Daniel Yang, Chief Transportation Planner in Austin 's Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization(PDF)
Session 9: Urban Information Technology and Intelligent Transportation System
"The Role of ITS in Contemporary and Future Transportation Systems: A Multidimensional View" Joseph Sussman, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Systems, Former Chair, TRB Executive Committee(PDF)  (Video)
"Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation in Transportation Electronic Payment Systems"Michael Dinning, Executive Director of Business Development, U.S. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (PDF)  (Video)
"Consumer Electronics 2.0: a Web without Browsers"Henry Holtzman, Chief Knowledge Officer, MIT Media Lab(PDF)  (Video)
"Developing Urban Information Systems for Tomorrow's Urban Transportation Requirements" Joseph Ferreira Jr, Head and Professor of Urban Planning and Operations Research, UIS, MIT, President of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)(PDF)  (Video)
Session 10: Managing Congestion: Policies and Practices
"Road Pricing: vision and reality" Stephen Glaister, Professor of Transport and Infrastructure, and Director of Railway Technology Strategy Center , Imperial College London, Board Member, Transport for London(PDF)  (Video)
"Minnesota's Congestion Planning Management Study: Low Cost Congestion Management Approaches"Carol Molnau, Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (PDF)
"An Integrated Land Transport System - Singapore's Experience"George Sun, Deputy Director of Research & Statistics at land Transport Authority, Singapore (PDF)  (Video)
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